Standard editions in G-minor

In Western Cedar and Walnut

New examples of the classic first introduced in 1988.

From the top:



#4187  sold


Your choice $295

Little Dogs

In C-minor   Western Cedar

from top to bottom:

#4178 20" Eagle with step block


#4176  17" with walnut Songbird


#4177  17" with Cherry Songbird


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                       ​Summer  is upon us and Everything is on Sale! 

                     Celebrate the Season with a New Instrument       

                       from Ken Light  and  Amon Olorin Flutes

The tuning upon which Nakai's brilliant TAB music system is based.

In-Stock Specials

"Red  Flutes"​​​​​​​​

Two lovely five-holers in aromatic cedar.

5-hole A-minor DRB tuning

​24" long with 1" bore

Top:  #4092  "Waterbird" with walnut step block   sold

Below:  #4093 "Eagle" with walnut grizzly block


​New D# Largebores

Silver Editions in Western Cedar

From the top:

#4193 Desert Eagle with Zuni bear


#4194 Sandhill Crane


#4191 24" Musician


#4192 24" Musician



All in the F# Great Lakes Woodlands tuning

in Western Cedar

From the top:

#4157 "Raven" Silver Edition with wolf


#4174 "White Raven"  Standard Edition


#4154 24" "Seaspirit" Silver Edition


#4181  22" Waterspirit  Standard Edition


#4183  22" Waterspirit  Standard Edition


#4182  22" Waterspirit Standard Edition