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Silver Sonorans​

6-hole G-minor  22" 56cm

In Western Cedar with beeswaxed hemp ties, Sterling silver spacer, walnut signature block, brain tanned and smoked pronghorn antelope block strap.  Finish is linseed oil based.  




​#4242  F# Waterspirit tuning


Each for $385.00 plus $15 shipping

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Silver Waterspirits

In Western Cedar, beeswaxed hemp ties, Pronghorn Antelope block tie, sterling silver spacer. F# tuning.

#4246 Loon Flute 

​With Cherry loon block and loon head carving


#4245  22" Waterspirit with walnut signature block


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​ Basketmaker Replica Flutes

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#4237 sold

All are in Western Cedar 27"  (69cm)

Your choice $385

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