Silver Waterspirits

In Western Cedar, beeswaxed hemp ties, Pronghorn Antelope block tie, sterling silver spacer. F# tuning.

#4246 Loon Flute 

​With Cherry loon block and loon head carving


#4245  22" Waterspirit with walnut signature block


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Silver Waterspirits

#4247  22" (56cm) F# tuning

In Western Cedar with beeswaxed hemp ties, Sterling silver spacer, walnut signature block, brain tanned and smoked pronghorn antelope block strap.  Finish is linseed oil based.  



Masterpiece Edition

In highly figured and chatoyance redwood.

With cherry Waterplanet block 24"  (61cm)


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​Largebore Eagle

Silver Masterpiece Edition

​in D#.  Aromatic cedar (Eastern Juniper) 28" (70cm) 

with cherry step-block, beeswaxed hemp ties, brain-tanned and smoked Pronghorn antelope block tie, sterling silver spacer plate.


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​ Basketmaker Replica Flutes

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#4237 sold

All are in Western Cedar 27"  (69cm)

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