Ken---the flute is gorgeous! It came yesterday--and the depth and vibration that come out of it are awe-inspiring. I feel like this extraordinary creation will open up a whole new world for me. I mean this flute is so beautiful it scares me!! Thank you so much!!
-L.H. New York, NY
The flutes have arrived. They are incredible! Best NA flutes I've ever played, hands down. The D# [Largebore] is just extraordinary. Perfectly tuned, the tone full of color and it can take all my air - the various degrees of air I put in just changes the timbre. Just Gorgeous. I will play this flute for the rest of my life. The G is the best G I've played. Its not quite as amazing as the D# but is still incredible. I'm very excited by these flutes. They are mesmerizing to play. Thank you. Warmly, G.R. Eugene, OR 


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Original Contemporary Design D# Tuning 
Features Step-block in Cherry or Walnut
Length: 24" with 1 1/4" bore

Ken's lowest tuning! If you prefer a rich, deep sound in your flute, then this is the one for you. The D# Largebore utilizes the same traditional pitch intervals as the F#-minor and G-minor tunings, which means that you don't have to learn different fingerings as all Amon Olorin flutes use the same pitch distances and basic fingerings.  The intent was to produce a low-pitched flute that retained the comfortable hole reach  of his other flutes.  With an inch and a quarter bore, the Largebore flute is definitely a handful, with a light,  but solid feeling.  Most average-size players find a
hole reach  quite comparable to the other, smaller 6-holers. This flute has a  low, mellow, and very resonant tone; It feels alive in your hands.

The StepBlock design was inspired by an old Lakota flute (circa 1880) housed in the Chandler-Pohrt collection in the Denver Art Museum. The seven steps symbolize the seven directions, the circle is, well the circle,  and the angles give movement and drama.
Available in the standard 24" design, but if you have long arms it can be ordered in a 27" length for a truly impressive sized flute.