Flute arrived today! That was FAST! It arrived in perfect condition in that excellent case. Couldn't be more happy!! The workmanship is pure excellence. and the SOUND! All up and down the scale, wonderful smooth resonance! I could buy a flute with more decorations but I could never imagine a flute that would sound better! And thank you for making such an uncompromising instrument! In a world that "makes do" and "gets by". It's nice to own the best of something!!! -C.D. Springfield, IL

Happy Customer

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Original  Design - Six Hole
F#-Minor Great Lakes Woodland Tuning
Western Red Cedar with Cherry or Walnut Block
Length: 24" as shown , 22" (see below), or 24" with carved head
7/8" bore

The F#-minor tuning comes from the Great Lakes woodlands people who called the flute “minewi'skan”, Waterspirit.  It is believed that their flute tradition was connected to a spiritual and physical relationship with water.

The Waterspirit block design speaks both of long curving and flowing lines of moving water, but also the power of the water circle (also represented) to shape even the hardest elements of the land (the sharp tip).  I look for dramatic natural annular wood grain structures to symbolize ripples on still water.

Players of average size will find a more comfortable fit in the shorter 22" format Waterspirit. It looks very similar to the Sonoran, only a half step lower, but with a noticeably different feel.

Please choose an alternate block style when ordering the 22" model (the Waterspirit block has too long a tail).