Each flute is sent out in perfect condition and is warranted for life to never crack, separate, or fail in any way due to normal use. With simple maintenance the flute should perform beautifully for many years and become a family heirloom.  Occasionally there may be minor flaws in the wood, as it is a living substance, but in my opinion, these serve to add character.  Tunings are as accurate as the design allows and pitches are based on an A-440 standard.  If the instrument you receive does not meet your expectations, it may be returned within ten days for replacement or full refund, if it is in the pristine condition it was when received.  Dings, scratches, nail marks, or other signs of use or rough handling void this warranty.

Ordering Information

The best way to order a flute is to call me at406-381-9115

I can answer your questions, discuss options, and help you make decisions about your flute.

Or you can easily order a flute by email:  aoflutes@blackfoot.net


Payment options:

  • We accept VISA/MC.  Please email me your shipping and billing address but please call in your credit card information.  If you get voicemail, you may leave your information there.  Please include expiration date and the 3-digit security code from the back of the card.  Your receipt will come as an email.

  • If you prefer to pay via PayPal, we can email you a convenient invoice.

  • You can also send a check or M.O. to:  Amon Olorin Flutes, 73258 Lemlama Lane

      Arlee, MT  59821

PF Series Flutes, Eagle Bone Replica Whistles, and books may be ordered easily online via PayPal checkout.

Shipping Information

Shipping charges are as follows for USPS Priority Mail:

Flutes - $15.00

PF Series Flutes - $7.00

Eagle Bone Replica Whistles- $3.00

​Books  (3rd class) - $5.00

For overseas shipping, we will send you a PayPal invoice for postage cost.