Custom Flutes

 Over the years Ken and Anja Light have combined their talents to create many one-of-a-kind custom art flutes:  From wolf to eagle, bear and raven, butterflies, even elk and whale and condor, dolphins, woodpeckers and hummingbirds.  These special flutes are designed and meticulously hand-painted by Penny Light, who has been painting them for as long as Ken has been making them.

If you want a truly unique art piece, consider commissioning one of their custom flutes.  As you can see, these designs are limited only by the constraints of the instrument and the imagination of the artists.

With artwork you will be proud to display on a world famous musical instrument, a custom flute would be a fine addition to any collection and a historic, authentic North American flute with a special personal connection.


If you are interested in a custom flute, please call (406) 381-9115 to discuss. Click the images for a larger view.