​Ken, Several days ago I received the flute you made for me, and it is simply amazing! Everything about it is perfect—it is the Stradivarius of Native American Flutes! The wood has such a beautiful color, and such a pleasing, rich sound. It even has a wonderful fragrance—that of a windswept cedar forest. It is everything I could have hoped for in a flute, and much more. -W.D. Broken Arrow, OK
Dear Ken, This flute is an amazingly beautiful, I dare say, Holy, treasure! Words hardly suffice. Thank you from my whole heart! With warmest regards, -S.G. Modesto, CA 

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Southern Plains Style -Six Hole

Original Contemporary Design
Traditional G-minor tuning, also available in 
A-minor "Athabascan".
Western Red Cedar with Cherry or Walnut Block
Silver-filled spacer, brain-tanned buckskin and linen wraps
Length: 22",  bore 7/8"

The sound of the flute is the voice of the wind. The Sonoran design was inspired by the winds in the desert Southwest and is named for the "desert that sings." 

"When I first learned this tuning, I connected it with Southwest tribal groups, Navajo, Hopi, and others, but have since learned that the G-minor tuning was found widely throughout North America and used by many different tribal groups. There are traditionally no standard tunings for the Native American Flute, but if there was one this would be it.  My most popular design."