I am very impressed with the PF flute! Honestly I thought it was going to be cheesy but I will admit I was so wrong and with the weight it will always be in my pack. I look forward to purchasing other flutes from you. I am very grateful for your attention to the sound and quality. Thank you so much for a great instrument. -J.M. Fort Dodge, IA

Dear Ken, I have purchased your PF series flute and am having a great time with it. I will be my constant and intimate companion as I hike the Pacific Crest Trail this summer (2600 miles from the Mexican/California border to the Canadian border). From daytime highs of over 100 degrees to nighttime lows of below freezing, I can’t think of a better flute to accommodate the extreme harsh conditions of 700 miles through desert and the up to 14,000 feet of altitude. Thanks for your sincere commitment to such quality and craftsmanship!! -G.D.

Hi Ken, Really enjoying the PF series! Couldn't stop playing the flute last night after it arrived. I'm getting some good tones out of the whistle too. I now a have perfect go-to flute for travel and one to recommend to beginners. Nice job on both flute and whistle! The enclosed information is very useful too. -G.C. Colorado Springs,CO

Dear Ken: The PF flute is just as good as advertised...all of the tone quality of the traditional cedar with none of the humidity or travel hassles. I can also play the PF flute longer than my traditional native flute because it is less temperamental with regard to moisture. My traditional (very high-end) flute is only good for about 10-15 minutes of playing before it "shuts down" while your PF series flute is good for 30 minutes without any hassles. I hate to say it but i tested your $70 flute on my tuner and it has a more accurate, consistent tone than my $300 cedar flute. Of course, nothing can rival the artistic quality of real wood but for sound I would go with the PF every time. If you would like to use my words in a testimonial, please feel free to do it. I couldn't be more pleased with the PF. Thanks again! -H.S. Olean, NY

In Stock

$60 plus $7 shipping


Plains Style - Six Hole
​Original Patented Design

Instrument Grade ABS Resin

Comes with both G-minor Sonoran and F#-minor Waterspirit tunings!

Supplied with cloth case and complete instructions

R. Carlos Nakai playing an early edition PF-Series flute in concert

The PF-Series Flute, first released in 1996, represented an unprecedented innovation: a high-quality instrument-grade ABS resin state-of-the-art native style flute at an affordable price. The patented Ken Light design features  interchangeable G-minor Sonoran ​and F#-minor Great Lakes Woodlands body tubes, performing beautifully in two historically accurate and authentic native tunings.  At an affordable $60.00, what could be better?

But, how do they sound?  Amazingly clear,  beautifully and precisely tuned.  The durable ABS material gives the flutes a slightly more crisp voice than the softer and quieter cedar, and being immune to the effects of  changes in temperature, humidity, weather, as well as the bumps and bruises of the world, can be a definite advantage. Nakai and many other professionals have found the PF's to be reliable and consistent performers that are used extensively for practice and rehearsal and have also found their way into the studio and live performance.

The PF was designed originally for students and beginners, but performs so beautifully that it has become a mainstay of musicians all over the world and a perfect companion for your musical sojourns.  At 9 ounces and when disassembled at only 15 inches, the PF in its cloth case is light, compact, very tough, and has it where it counts!
Ken personally assembles, hand trims, fits, and voices each one.  Get one and see for yourself what a native style flute is supposed to do!

The PF-Series Flute 

These are the only flutes I use...they sound better than most flutes made by these "master Craft-men" ..not that their flutes are bad...the PF simply out plays them.. and has a better sound ..it's easier to do "embellishments"( chirping, barking, pop's, bending and sliding) on the PF flutes, and they are much more accurate as far as actual pitch is concerned.  Best Wishes,  J.F.

WELL, Praise the Lord, my flute (P.F.Series) arrived last Saturday. I'm probably one of your older purchasers having been blessed with 86 years - so you can see I have no time to waste!
I'm pleased beyond words with the flute(s) - the tone is wonderful and the playability is a sheer joy.
Thanks for producing such a wonderful flute at such a modest price.
Again, thanks

Ken, thank you for sending the PF flute. It sounds amazing, and I love it. I'm so glad to have a detachable and highly cleanable flute for travel and playing in nursing homes, hospitals, and other places where cleaning before and after playing is important. I will cherish this flute for many years to come. 
Thank you, and best wishes to you and your important work. 
C.R. Nottingham UK