Replica Eagle Bone  Whistle

Thank You, Ken. I received my whistle today and am getting 9 tones...can't wait to play with it some more! Your service was faster than I expected, too.
T.M. Crokett, CA

Hello Ken, I just wanted to let you know, I received the PF flute and bone whistle. I am speechless on how wonderful the flutes sound, and look forward to playing them as much as possible. The eagle bone will take some getting used to, it’s harder than it looks. Mr. Nakai makes it look so easy! I am extremely happy with my purchase of your creations, and look forward to owning one of your wooden flutes someday. Thank you once again, Sir.

M.S. Palmyra, NY

We offer an environmentally-friendly precisely realistic plastic resin replica whistle molded from an actual Golden Eagle wing bone (ulna).

 7 1/2" by 7/16"   (1 x 18 cm).

Realistically decorated and precisely voiced, this little one-hole whistle will easily produce six or more distinct tones and a myriad of expressional possibilities.

Inspired by the success of the PF-Series molded flute, Mr. Nakai wondered if the same thing could be done with the Eagle-bone whistle. The goal would be to share with others the opportunity to personally experience the traditional bone whistles that he plays so beautifully in his recordings and performances.

Finding and perfecting the state-of-the-art technology needed to produce the precision mold and perform the special molding process to make this complicated bone replica a reality was a challenge indeed. Two years and many miles later the casts were finally perfected, R.C. shared with me the traditional technique of crafting the whistle with placement of the single end hole, lip cut, and heat-formed beeswax windway.

The opportunity to develop the skill of crafting and properly voicing these little guys has been a unique experience. ​ The result is a fine-voiced and realistic replica of an ancient bird and animal call, signaling device, and now singing little flute.

The PFEB comes with a buckskin lanyard and playing instructions.

Available exclusively from Amon Olorin Flutes for your personal enjoyment.