Old-World Craftsmanship in Personal Designs
  Inspired by the Historic Flutes of North America
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Photo credit Chris Autio

Tony Shearer playing for the eagles of Flathead Lake's Wildhorse Island on his "Lady", the old Lakota cedar flute passed down to him from his grandfather.  A voice from the past with a song for the future.   (photo credit k.l. circa 1987)

Welcome​​ ​!​

I am pleased to share with you my experiences being involved in the indigenous

flute tradition of North America, commonly referred to as the "Native American flute", and an invitation to you to explore some of the things I have learned about them.

Mostly I do this as a flutemaker, resulting in personal interpretations of the form and voice of historic Plains, Southwest, and Great Lakes woodlands flutes.  An artist friend calls them acoustic sculptures.  I call them Amon Olorin Plains-style North American flutes; my efforts to contribute to an ancient, but on-going and uniquely beautiful musical tradition of this continent.

It has been an interesting journey exploring a dream that a simple flute could stir the hearts of so many with its innocent and lovely music, and the gift of an old man's vision that this flute and its music could "become important."  With all the goings-on in the ever-growing flute community, I think that much of what was envisioned is indeed coming to pass. This music is being heard all over the planet, sent out as the voice of the wind, a song of the Earth.  It makes me happy to be a part of it.  

Amon Olorin Flutes™       Est. 1986

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