Two lovely five-holers in aromatic cedar.

5-hole A-minor DRB tuning

​24" long with 1" bore

Top:  #4092  "Waterbird" with walnut step block 

Below:  #4093 "Eagle" with walnut grizzly block


                       ​Winter is here and Everything is on Sale! 

                     Celebrate the Season with a New Instrument       

                       from Ken Light  and  Amon Olorin Flutes

There are thousands of clones out there but here are genuine Amon Olorin Sonorans.  Since 1987 my most popular model for the best price since the nineties!  The flute that Nakai made famous!  His original is in The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.


Just completed, a set of Standard models in G-minor with brass spacer plates.

Western cedar with walnut blocks.

Price rolled back 25 years! 

From the top:


#4165  SOLD

#4166  SOLD


Your choice $275

"Red  Flutes"

24" Waterspirits

24" Silver Editions in F#

Top: in Aromatic Cedar ​#4163


Below:Seaspirit  in Western cedar #4154 


In-Stock Specials

​Classic Carved Head Designs

Standard 24" Models in Western Cedar

From the top:

#4172  G-Eagle with walnut Grizzly

#4173  G-Eagle with walnut Bison  SOLD

#4174  F#-Raven with walnut raven

#4175  F#-Raven with walnut wolf

​Your choice $350

22" Waterspirits

Standard edition 22" F#'s In Western Cedar 

from the top:

#4162 with walnut Loon

#4169 Sold


#4171   SOLD

Your choice $275