Lost "Little Dog" found his way home today!  Love the flute, great sound, made to perfection! Thanks Ken. 

S.M. Lisle, IL

Ken, I received the flute and case in the mail this afternoon. I opened the package and saw the sturdy Harding case and then I opened it. I pulled out the flute in the burgundy flute bag- nice! I knew I was in for a treat. I unbuttoned the flap and pulled out the flute. The flute is more than you described over the phone but you were right when you told me I would like it. The workmanship is impeccable. The flute is light as a feather. After some time of admiring it (and waiting for it to warm up from the mail truck ride) I put my first breathe through the flute. The sound and tone of the flute was amazing. I continued to play the flute and got used to the fingering and breathe control. I really didn’t want to stop. This flute has brought me to a new level of appreciation. I want to thank you for that, in which I will always be grateful. - G.P. Mequon, WI

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Original Contemporary Design
C-minor tuning
3/4” bore

A newer addition to Ken's line of flute tunings, a native style flute invention specially designed for older  children, folks with small hands, or anyone who likes the lovely sweet tones of a small flute.
The Little Dog is named for the young boy's society who used little flutes to imitate birds and signal each other as they stood watch over the horses or performed other small boy tasks.

Default block is the songbird, but you may personalize with any of the available designs. 

Little Dog