Updated 11/18/17

Redwood Masterpieces!

I made these two from wood salvaged from an old railroad water tower from the 1850's.  Definitely one-of-a-kind.

Top is a sandhill crane, original design. Six-hole in D# minor.  28" long, 1 1/4" bore.

​The sandhill crane effigy figured prominently in the flute culture of the Lakota Elk-Dreamers.

Below is a replica of the sixth-century Basketmaker Anasazi flute from the original specifications I obtained in 1995 from a study of archived flutes housed in the University of Arizona Museum, the first of the modern flute makers to do so. For personal reasons I decided at that time to use in performance but not to make them commercially available, but many other makers have now done so.  

Original was discovered in 1939 carefully hidden in Broken Flute Cave in Prayer Rock Canyon near Four Corners.   Imagine a shaman 1500 years ago praying this flute in the ancient stone canyon.  Too much!

A study to learn how to play, but the music is magic!  

27 3/8" long, 7/8" bore, six hole.

Crane flute #4064 - $895

Anasazi #4071 - $695


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​Here they are, low and mellow:

​D# Largebores 27"


In Western Cedar*

​#4056 Raven with walnut wolf block. 


#4065 27" D# with walnut Step block

* Shows both ends of the color spectrum for this wood species.



From top to bottom:

​#4070 G-Eagle in Eastern aromatic cedar with cherry horse block


​These are in Western Red Cedar:

#4068 24" F# Waterspirit - Walnut block


#4067 24" F# Waterspirit - Cherry block


#4069 G-Sonoran


In-Stock Specials

5-hole Lakota Courting Flute replicas in A-minor

from top to bottom:

#4059 Raven in Western Cedar

with cherry wolf block


#4061 Eagle in Redwood

with walnut step block


#4062 Waterbird in Redwood

with walnut loon block


#4060 Contemporary in Redwood

with walnut step block


"Your flutes are new, but they sound old."  

Peter Phippen




For more information about the 5-hole flutes go to the "Flutes" section and find the Dan Red Buffalo design replicas.