I was recently gifted with a gorgeous piece of African mahogany of sufficient dimension for Basketmaker flutes.  The journey continues in exploring the precise simplicity of the design and my interpretation of it.  

27" long with 7/8" bore  six-hole

$495  plus $15 shipping

More information about these special flutes can be found here.  

My Winter's flute-making efforts. This collection was built from blanks set aside years ago in my special stash; some have resided there over 25 years.  

Thinking that there would come a time when they would need to become alive again in a new form as a flute.

I have decided that there is no point in deferring them further so here are some real beauties.  

​"Your flutes are new, but they sound old."

 Peter Fippen

In-Stock Specials


From top to bottom:

#4060 5-hole Lakota Courting Flute replica

in Redwood with walnut Step block

24" in A-minor 432 


#4067 24" F# Waterspirit

in Western Cedar with cherry block


#4080 F# "Desert Raven" 

in Western Cedar  24" 

with walnut Zuni Bear block


#4079  G-Eagle  24"

in Eastern Aromatic Cedar

with walnut Step block


#4078 G-Eagle 24"

in Western Cedar

with walnut Horse block


#4081 "Little Dog"  in C

in western cedar 17"

with walnut Songbird block



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​Anasazi Replica

Updated 4/2/18