"Little Dogs"

C-tuning in Western Cedar

Swee-eet !

from top to bottom:

#4124 "Loon"  22"  with walnut Loon block

with beaded band (see below)

$395  marked down Sold

#4123 "Songbird"  20"  with walnut Coyote

$395 marked down to $295

#4122 "Northern Plains"  20"  with walnut Stepblock

$395 marked down to $295

#4121 Original "Little Dog"  17"  with cherry bird

$295 marked down to Sold

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Recently Completed

All in Western Cedar

​#4136"Lady" 5-hole DRB replica


#4138  "Waterspirit"  24" in F# with walnut block


#4140  "Sonoran"   22" in G with cherry block


"Red  Flutes"

Two Classic Designs

in American Walnut   24"

Eagle in G with horse block #4095

Raven in F# with wolf block  #4094 SOLD

On Sale for $350 each

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                       ​Fall is here and Everything is on Sale! 

                     Celebrate the Season with a New Instrument       

                       from Ken Light  and  Amon Olorin Flutes


Two lovely five-holers in aromatic cedar.

5-hole A-minor DRB tuning

​24" long with 1" bore

Top:  #4092  "Waterbird" with walnut step block 

Below:  #4093 "Eagle" with walnut grizzly block

$595 marked down to $495