​Little Dog "Traditional

in Western Cedar  #4082

C-minor   20"  with 3/4" bore


Custom decoration design and painting byAnja

​Classic "Waterspirit"

In Western Cedar   

with Walnut block  24"



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Horse Flute

In Redwood   #4102

E-minor tuning   6-hole  

24"  with 1" bore  Copper spacer

Overall hole reach 7 1/2"



​"Red Flutes"

​​From my private collection of unique wood: two classic aromatic cedar flutes. 

5-hole A-minor DRB tuning

​24" long with 1" bore

Top:  #4092  "Waterbird" with walnut step block 

Below:  #4093 "Eagle" with walnut grizzly block

$595 each

Two Classic Designs

in Walnut  24"

Eagle in G with horse block #4095

Raven in F# with wolf block  #4094

​$425 each

Basketmaker Replica

Basketmaker Replicas

​I was recently gifted with a gorgeous piece of African mahogany of sufficient dimension for Basketmaker flutes.  

The journey continues in exploring the elegant simplicity of this ancient design and my interpretation of it.  

27" long with 7/8" bore  six-hole


-In stock-

More information about these special flutes can be found here.