From the Archive Stash: 

​posted 5-24-17


A trio of my finest.

​​From top to bottom:

24" D# Largebore

#3448  2009

In Alligator Juniper

with Lakota-inspired cherry Step block


22" Waterspirit

#3506  2009

in Western Red Cedar

with Mark III cherry block


22" Sonoran

#3632  2011

in Western Red Cedar

with cherry Mark III block


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Note: On Feb.16  Ken underwent major back surgery to repair collapsed vertebrae that had fallen on the large nerves that extend into his legs.  The surgery went reasonably well, but his 3 month recovery has been extended.  He hopes to continue his work with the cedar flutes as soon as he is able, but is currently limited to only making the PF's and EB's.  Please keep in touch as he says that he isn't finished yet, and that the work must continue.
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