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D# Largebores   "Musicians" 

In aromatic# cedar  24"  (61cm)  with walnut step blocks

Overall hole reach 7 1/2"  (19cm)

"Siblings from a piece of amazing timber. My eyes popped when I found this wood in my searching adventures as I imagined what could become of it through my craft.

Such a wonderful material to carve, fine-grained, so smooth and receptive of my closest attention and intent. The way they responded to the finish and the appearance of subtle chatoyancy*, make these ones exceptionally beautiful. A fragrant olfactory blend of cedar, beeswax, linseed, and smoked buckskin.  These two have quite the sensory personality.

Fine voiced and tuned for the most discriminating player.

Truly one-of-a-kind instruments.

Top - #4144 SOLD

Below - #4145


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# "Aromatic cedar" is actually a species of juniper, the prized material for the best old cedar chests because of its durable nature and fragrant pest control properties, but also a dream to carve and what color.  I never use any kind of stains on flutewood.  Store one of these flutes with your woolens. 

Inside chambers and windways all carved.  Now for the part that shows.

Classic 5-Holers

in Old Lakota

Courting Flute A-tuning

#4060 in ancient Redwood 24"

with cherry DRB style block

$450 marked down to $350

#4107 Plains style

in Cedar  24"

with walnut block

marked down to $395

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 *derived from a French term describing the cat-eye-like visual   depth to the grain that captures the light and moves with it.

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