Ken's imagination was captured in the early 1980s by the sound of a traditional Native American flute, and he has continued on a lifelong journey to share with others his fascination with this wonderful instrument and its music.  As a flutemaker, his designs, detailed artisanship and artistic style have continued to set the bar for authenticity, instrumental performance, and impeccable craftsmanship in the rebirth of a nearly lost musical tradition that he has played  an important role in re-creating.

His early flute designs and introduction of traditional tunings in the mid-eighties has served as a template and inspiration for many of today's most notable artists and flute-makers. Ken has personally sent out over 8000 instruments into the world, which has helped seed a thriving North American and international community of Native American style flutists. As a dedicated teacher and a lifelong educator, Ken created the first educational programs focused specifically on the NA flute and many of the household names in the flute community are former students and workshop participants.  Ken's educational and artistic collaboration with celebrated musician and multi-talented educator R.Carlos Nakai began in 1987 and has resulted in not only Gold and now Platinum recordings, but also educational projects such as RNAF and INAFA, and now to the first non-profit educational foundation devoted entirely to the flute tradition of North America, formerly The Renaissance of the North American Flute Foundation, now renamed as The FluteTree Foundation, www.flutetree.org

Produced in 2011 as a student project by John Crepeau,  back from deployment in Afghanistan and working on a degree in video-jounalism.

Ken Light          aoflutes@blackfoot.net        (406) 381-9115         73258 Lemlama Lane, Arlee, MT 59821

About Mr. Light

In 2​012 Ken was inducted into the Montana Circle of American Masters in Visual Folk and Traditional Arts, a program of the Montana Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts:  ​"In recognition of artistic excellence in a body of work and contribution to the preservation of the state's cultural heritage."

When not in the shop or out on the road, Ken volunteers as an EMT and firefighter with the Arlee Fire Department.  Ken is a father and grandfather, and with his wife of 40 years, Penny, lives and works from a wooded hilltop in the Rockies of Western Montana they have named "Amon Olorin",  hill of dreams.  


Amon Olorin and Grey Wolf Peak