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Photo credit Chris Autio

Tony Shearer playing for the eagles of Wildhorse Island on his "Lady", the 125 year old Lakota cedar flute passed down to him from his grandfather.  A voice from the past with a song for the future.   (photo credit k.l. circa 1987)


You have arrived at the source for what is known in the world of fine ethnic musical instruments as the state-of-the-art in the modern crafting of the North American flute,  and an inside look at what has made Ken Light known as a principal figure in the modern renaissance of a nearly lost, but beautiful and unique music tradition of this continent, commonly referred to as the Native American Flute.

With a life's-work dedication to making an authentic contribution to the native flute tradition, Ken has worked for thirty years as a scientist and inventor, as an artisan, a visual and performing artist, a teacher and educational innovator, and a traveler through time on a journey that he has invited so many others to join.

"There is a power in music, but when it comes from your own heart, the experience transcends a simple wooden instrument that makes an innocent and lovely sound into an expression of sharing with the universe your unique song."

​kl 10/5/14

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